Never start any level of restoration before Revivation! 

That's right! At any level of restoration, whether a bracket, a door or an entire car, don't waste valuable time and money on any other process. Every piece and part should be processed by REVIVATION.  Media blasting is NOT recommended for metal cleaning due to the abrasiveness of this process. Though blasting may be immediate, it is not as thorough, and can actually damage the integrity of the metal.  REVIVATION is 100% non destructive. No metal is consumed in the process. THIS IS NOT AN ACID DIPthereby, avoiding warping or thinning of the metal.  
REVIVATION uses a gentle, heated alkaline  non acid and non destructive solution. This is a total immersion process using a two tank system. The first tank degreases and loosens the paint, bondo* and undercoating*. Then, with a  pressure water wash,  all paint, grease and scale is removed gently and non-destructively. The second tank is the secret process. An alkaline electrolytic solution is used. An electric DC current is passed through the tank and the rust or "ferrous ions" are separated from the metal... all of it. The piece emerges shiny and every pit and corner is completely rust free. Because it is completely immersed, every inside surface is as clean as every visible surface. With blasting, unseen and hidden surfaces are never hit, leaving rust and oxidation inside the crimp welds, lips and channels. Therefore the oxidation (rust) process continues from the inside out, only to surface later.

Sandblasting and plastic media blasting can only work by continually bombarding the surface of the material with abrasive particulate matter, driven with high pressure and force. The physics of the process dictate that good metal must be consumed with the rust and paint, to get a "cleaner" surface. Rusted, pitted and thin areas are especially vulnerable and therefore warp and weaken. Microscopic iron oxide (rust) particles always remain and, therefore, are forever trapped under your primer or filler.  With REVIVATION, all metal is spared, but the iron oxide (rust) is separated from the iron (metal) leaving bare, clean material. This process includes a water base rust inhibitor to prevent flash rusting. Now any primer or filler will bind to the raw metal 100%.  "Walnut Shells" and "plastic" are softer than iron or steel, and can "shine" a smooth piece, but they are not abrasive enough to break the chemical bond of the iron/iron oxide (rust). Therefore, rusty pits remain and potentially can bubble paint or filler.  When a DC current is passed through the electrolytic solution used in REVIVATION the chemical bond of the iron/iron oxide is broken and the results are clean, raw metal. No other process can duplicate this true chemical reaction.

You will be absolutely amazed at how much labor cost you will save....from hundreds to thousands of dollars on a complete restoration. After we are through, it will be ready for either the metal prep solution/primer, some patch work or filler. You can feel confident knowing that you started your project right.  With so much to lose and everything to gain, can you ever imagine "sandblasting" or "bead blasting" a frame or fender again?  Imagine what the inside of that frame channel looks like without being processed at REVIVATION.  So, when starting your next project now you know why ...a Quality Restoration starts with a clean foundation!  

*Excessive bondo and/or undercoating will need to be removed manually.